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April 7, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Pick Up the Phone!

Email creates a digital trail and Zoom lets you use fun filters, but they often can't compare with an older, powerful and efficient productivity resource. A phone call can quickly accomplish what hours of emailing cannot. By hearing the other person's tone of voice and being able to ask and…
April 1, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Share Information Generously

As a leader at work or home, it's easy to be so busy that you don't think to share what you know with your team. And easy to forget that others are in the dark. The solution is to... An employee survey from Harvard Business Review (2013) found that 70%…
March 25, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Zoom In and Out with Your Goals

Goal-setting works. A review* of 23 field experiments and meta-analyses of Managing by Objectives (MOB) research found that MOB increased productivity in 97% of them. When people get hyper-focused on a particular goal, they can lose sight of other objectives and miss important and relevant information. In one study*, participants were so intent…
March 17, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Check Your Mental Health

Happy St. Patrick's Day. It might be the perfect day to ask yourself: Do these symptoms in yourself or a loved one sound familiar? Feeling burned out. Experiencing chronic or frequent anxiety and/or insomnia. Losing interest in activities that used to bring pleasure. Increased drinking, overeating, and/or over-the-counter drug use. Having…