Do you feel your employees aren’t reaching their full potential? Casey’s One-Day Workshops are transformative, team-building opportunities that will make a big difference for your staff.

Casey uses her unique Productivity Chain model to assess each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. She focuses on specific sets of skills, knowledge or abilities and teaches precise, strategic changes to dramatically improve individual productivity.

What makes Casey’s workshops so effective?

  • Customized Approach
    Casey uses assessments from your team to plan a workshop that addresses the weakest links in the Productivity Chain.
  • Interactive
    This isn’t a lecture. Your team is more than an audience; they’re participants in a transformative workshop that invites them to share their unique concerns and personal experiences.
  • Hands-On Exercises and Scenarios
    Key messages are brought to life with real stories, examples and applications.
  • Humor and Energy
    Working with Casey is fun. Expect an enjoyable experience full of laughter.
  • Follow-Up
    Depending on your needs and wishes, Casey will:

o    Help participants set goals and hold them accountable for achieving them.

o    Involve supervisors in goal setting and follow-up.

o    Create an on-going relationship for up to six months.

o    Return to your organization for additional follow-up.

Casey empowers your team to make significant, lasting improvements in their work performance.

Help your employees tackle individual barriers to productivity and watch small changes in their behavior make a great difference for your business. Schedule a custom productivity workshop for your business today. Call Casey Moore at 757-560-2872 or complete the online contact form.

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