About Author & Productivity Coach Casey Moore

Helping people achieve their goals and live more simply makes my heart sing. Coaching enables my clients transform the way they approach their work and lives. They move from stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed to calm, focused, and in flow. It is humbling, moving and inspiring to hear them be more present with their families, earn promotions and find greater peace.

In 2000, I founded my company Living Simply® Consulting, Inc. and have spent the years since studying and practicing to more effectively serve my clients. Those efforts have included coaching certifications, being a coaching instructor and earning a Masters in Communication with an emphasis on listening with empathy.

I enjoy working with diverse clients, including (but not limited to) women, people of color, LGBTQ, seniors, and people with ADHD and other neurodiversity, and/or physical disabilities. Living a peaceful and productive life is everyone’s birthright.

During my free time, I’m hanging out with my husband, visiting with family, walking or running, singing, reading, puzzling or shaping the cedar trees in our backyard.

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