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Casey’s eTip: Gain Time and Respect by Saying No

You may be reluctant ever to say "no" because other people will be disappointed. Your fear about their reaction can supercede attending to your own needs. But there's another way to think about "no"... Gain Time and Respect by Saying No You have the right to determine what commitments to…
November 2, 2018

Casey’s eTip: Reframe and Leverage Stress

There are two kinds of stress. Both can arise at work. One will kill you; the other makes you stronger. The difference between the two is the way you view them. Professor Kelly McGonigal of Stanford University makes a compelling case that shifting your mindset physically changes the way stress…
October 24, 2018

Casey’s eTip: Check Your List Daily

Your to-do list is only as good as the last time you checked it. Check Your List Daily David Allen explains: "As with any action reminder system, if you don't review and reassess the reminders of actions you might need to be taking, your mind will take back the job;…
October 14, 2018