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Casey Moore


Casey’s eTip: End Your Obligation Streak

This holiday season, I encourage you to examine your list of things you "have to do" because you've always done them. It might be time to… Casey's eTip: End Your Obligation Streak Singer/songwriter Aimee Mann wrote: "And so, for the sake of momentum, I'm condemning the future to death so…
December 5, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Stick to a System, Even an Imperfect One

Are you someone who goes from one task-management method to another, trying to find what works for you only to discover that the constant change leaves you with no method at all? You're not alone! My recommendation is to… Casey's eTip: Stick to a System, Even an Imperfect One No…
November 28, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Give Thanks and Be Happy

I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln, who presided over very challenging times in our nation's history, issued nine proclamations calling for days of thanksgiving during his tenure (the October 1863 one set the timing for our national holiday--
November 21, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Keep All Your To-Do’s on Your Calendar

Daniel Markovitz makes a compelling case in a Harvard Business Review article for ditching to-do lists (although there are ways of managing such lists that address his concerns). Instead, he suggests you… Casey's eTip: Keep All Your To-Do's on Your Calendar Putting tasks on the calendar ensures there is time…
November 15, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Learn How Your Brain Works

We live with our brain our whole lives but we probably never received an instruction manual about how it works when we were children. Fortunately, it's not too late to… Casey's eTip: Learn How Your Brain Works When you understand the neuroscience of how your brain functions, you increase your…
October 31, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Leverage the Rhythm of Attention

Our ability to direct our own attention influences both our productivity and our quality of life. We are more productive when we focus on what matters. We are happier when we focus on gratitude. These are just a couple examples. Still, it's important to realize that our attention naturally wanders.…
October 24, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Presume the Best in Others

This eTip stems from my experience this past week, making avoidable mistakes and encountering others doing the same. I'm reminded that it's useful to… Casey's eTip: Presume the Best in Others It's easy to take one data point from someone, especially someone new, and form an opinion of that person,…
October 17, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Picture the Person You’re Contacting

As we communicate more and more with people we've never met, especially via writing only, it's easy to forget their humanity. We can see them as obstacles to or levers for our goal achievement. To combat this effect… Casey's eTip: Picture the Person You're Contacting Imagine this human with a…
October 10, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Review and Update Your To-Do System

People ask me about the "best" way to manage to-do's. The reality is that what's "best" depends 100% on the person and their needs. Whatever method you use, though, it's imperative to… Casey's eTip: Review and Update Your To-Do System A habit of a consistent deep review of your to-do's…
October 4, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Use Summaries or Videos to Stay Current

A client recently reminded me of Blinkist, the book-summarizing app that I posted about as an eTip in 2015. Eight years later, it's the top in the field. But there are also other options if you want to assimilate the latest and/or greatest business, productivity and personal growth books. Casey's…
September 26, 2023