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Casey Moore


Casey’s eTip: Measure Your Progress Towards Your Goals

The second half of the year begins this week. It's time to check in with your goals and make course corrections if need be. Follow Casey's eTip: Measure Your Progress Towards Your Goals. Whatever your metrics (money, milestones, etc.), compare them with where you want them to be by year's…
July 6, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Make It Easy for Others to Contact You

Technology is getting so integrated and sophisticated. You can take advantage of it and help others increase your (and their) productivity at the same time with Casey's eTip: Make It Easy for Others to Contact You. When emailing or texting a phone number to others, use hyphens to connect the…
June 29, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Limit Yourself to 3 Email Folders

Last century, it made sense to file emails into folders in the digital version of the manilla folders we used to file papers. Not any more! Use Casey's eTip: Limit Yourself to 3 Email Folders. The sheer volume of emails, the radically improved search features, and the likely reality that…
June 22, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Negotiate Project Goals When Needed

Managers and other leaders sometimes assign project goals and deadlines without fully understanding all thay is involved in completing those projects. For you own sanity, it can be helpful to use Casey's eTip: Negotiate Project Goals When Needed. When a deadline seems unrealistic, you can politely and respectfully say "yes"…
June 15, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Track How You Spend Your Time

As business expert Tom Peters says, "You are your time" (see link below). He notes that calendars don't lie. But they don't reveal the truth, either, unless you use Casey's eTip: Track How You Spend Your Time. Awareness is the first step in the change process. You can't change how…
June 8, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Use Scales to Find Common Ground

Disagreements at work are inevitable. They can become intractable and derail progress when colleagues become opponents and opinions become entrenched (see the US Congress, for example). There is an altermative… Peter Boghossian suggests using scales to determine how attached people are to their views. It moves the conversation from yes/no…
June 1, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Spend Your 2000 Weeks Wisely

Time is our life. It's really all we've got. Oliver Burkeman makes this point very well in his book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. Four thousand weeks translates to 76.9 years, an average Western life span. Depending on your current age, your remaining time might be much less,…
May 25, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Label Your Emotions to Regulate Them

Emotions are important. They tell us when our needs are being met and when they are not. They draw our awareness to our thoughts and circumstances so that we can address them both appropriately. Unfortunately, our emotions can sometimes carry us away. So, listen to Casey's eTip: Label Your Emotions to…
May 18, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Decide Like a Gambler, Not a Judge

One hidden productivity obstacle is decision-making. People can avoid or feel anxiety about decision-making when the stakes seem high. The reason is that they think like a judge about the potential outcome: it will be good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, use Casey's eTip: Decide Like a Gambler, Not…
May 11, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Forgive Yourself for Procrastinating

Procrastination--deliberately avoiding a task--can be created and fueled by sabotating thoughts about fear, perfectionism, conflict, character and more. To move past it, follow this Casey's eTip: Forgive Yourself for Procrastinating. Research indicates that self-forgiveness stops the negative thinking cycle and enables people to take action. Don't take my word for…
May 4, 2022