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Casey Moore


Casey’s eTip: Keep One Calendar If You Can

On to today's idea... Trying to maintain more than one calendar poses a huge risk. It's inevitable that some commitment will make it into one and not the other(s). For that reason… If you must use multiple calendars, however, have clear boundaries so that the different calendars serve different purposes.…
March 2, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Use Your Outboxes Liberally

One reason your inboxes (digital or physical) may get backed up and cluttered is because the outboxes are small or underused. To improve the flow… First, make sure your trash can and recycle bin are large and roomy, easy to toss paper into. And then get very comfortable with the…
February 23, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Build Productive Habits with Micro-Steps

About habits...Most humans spend most of their time in habit mode. It's how our amazing brains save energy. Changing behavior takes hard mental lifting and demands more energy. Naturally, our brains resist. They like homeostasis. Still, you can build new, more productive habits. Start today with ONE small action. This…
February 16, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Accept Bad Habits Before Changing Them

If you're like most people, your New Year's Resolutions fell by the wayside weeks ago. If you're also like most people, you may have some negative self-talk about that. "I lack commitment," etc. But maybe it's not a character issue at all. Maybe the resolution was coming from a negative…
February 9, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Use Alerts to Stay Focused

It's easy to lose focus at work, especially if you need to search for something on your computer or do research on the internet. You can start opening files, reading posts and forget what you were searching for to begin with. So Use Alerts to Stay Focused. Set a timer…
February 2, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Do Not Believe Everything Your Brain Says

Our brains lie to us frequently. Old messages that we mentally recorded as children have run through our minds so many times that they have become neural superhighways. We believe this neurological flotsam and jetsam not because it's based on fact, but because it's familiar. We've heard it for so…
January 14, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Create Motivation by Asking Questions

We generate motivation when we have a vision of a future state that inspires us Create Motivation by Asking Questions. As you identify your goals for 2022, ask yourself "If I achieved it, what benefit will that bring?" Ask and answer that question four or five times for each goal,…
January 5, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Review Your Year with Objectivity

Depending on the work you do, the end of the year might be your busiest time of all. Even so, it's helpful to take a little time to Review Your Year with Objectivity. You might set a timer and remind yourself that the objective is to learn, rather than berate…
December 29, 2021