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Casey Moore


Casey’s eTip: Do Not Believe Everything Your Brain Says

Our brains lie to us frequently. Old messages that we mentally recorded as children have run through our minds so many times that they have become neural superhighways. We believe this neurological flotsam and jetsam not because it's based on fact, but because it's familiar. We've heard it for so…
January 14, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Create Motivation by Asking Questions

We generate motivation when we have a vision of a future state that inspires us Create Motivation by Asking Questions. As you identify your goals for 2022, ask yourself "If I achieved it, what benefit will that bring?" Ask and answer that question four or five times for each goal,…
January 5, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Review Your Year with Objectivity

Depending on the work you do, the end of the year might be your busiest time of all. Even so, it's helpful to take a little time to Review Your Year with Objectivity. You might set a timer and remind yourself that the objective is to learn, rather than berate…
December 29, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Make Your Presence Your Present

Research* suggests that 40 percent of daily activities are habits. Much of thinking is habitual, too. In other words, we run on autopilot a lot of the time. Step out of the rut and Make Your Presence Your Present. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of being fully present…
December 21, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Make Your List and Check It Twice

Making a list (whatever format!!) creates an instant sense of relief because you have moved those swirling to-do's from your mind to an external form you can view, prioritize, delete and delegate. You lose those benefits the next day, however, so Make Your List and Check It Twice. Reviewing your…
December 15, 2021

Casey’s eTip: THINK Before You Speak

When you want to give feedback to someone, be careful. Once spoken or written, words can never be retrieved and positive relationships are key to sustainable productivity. It's always best to THINK Before You Speak. Use the THINK test to decide how/whether to share your thoughts. Is your feedback: True…
December 8, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Stay in Today to Lift Your Mood

It's easy to slip into limbo thinking: "Just make it through the holidays " The idea is that if we can just endure this circumstance, things will lighten up on the other side. Unfortunately, limbo thinking often leads to decreased self-care and increased anxiety, especially if the days turn into weeks…
December 2, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Foster an Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading and sharing my eTips and recommending me to your friends. I appreciate the support and connection. It's the perfect time of year to Foster an Attitude of Gratitude! Thanksgiving is a holiday but it can also be a daily practice that you can use…
November 23, 2021