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Casey’s eTip: Label Your Emotions to Regulate Them

Emotions are important. They tell us when our needs are being met and when they are not. They draw our awareness to our thoughts and circumstances so that we can address them both appropriately. Unfortunately, our emotions can sometimes carry us away. So, listen to Casey's eTip: Label Your Emotions to…
May 18, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Forgive Yourself for Procrastinating

Procrastination--deliberately avoiding a task--can be created and fueled by sabotating thoughts about fear, perfectionism, conflict, character and more. To move past it, follow this Casey's eTip: Forgive Yourself for Procrastinating. Research indicates that self-forgiveness stops the negative thinking cycle and enables people to take action. Don't take my word for…
May 4, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Treat Burnout with the Specific Resources Needed

Over the last couple years we have learned (through experience or the many media reports) that burnout is real and its symptoms include exhaustion, cynicism and lowered sense of self-efficacy. It stems from insufficient resources but research suggests that the resources involved may vary. As a result, the solution isn't…
April 27, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Use Writing Tools That Feel Good

There's a lot of research to support the value of handwritten notes and to-do lists even in the 21st Century. You are more likely to remember what you write than what you type, for example. If you like to write, invest in the tools of the trade and take Casey's…
April 20, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Name Your Scheduled Tasks Specifically

Scheduling time to work on critical tasks is a productivity principle. Be careful, though, to… Here are some suggestions about labeling your appointments with work: Begin with a verb because verbs stimulate your brain, e.g., "Review Ops Report" (instead of "Ops Report" Use inviting verbs, e.g., "Start" instead of "Finish"…
April 13, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Make Time on Your Calendar for Tasks

A common reason for procrastination is a lack of connection between the to-do list and the calendar. To move forward, Make Time on Your Calendar for Tasks. If you have a task that takes 30 to 60 minutes (or more) to accomplish, it belongs on your calendar, not just your…
April 6, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Take Micro-Breaks During the Day

We are humans and not designed to work for hours on end without rest. If you want to stay optimally productive use Casey's eTip: Take Micro-Breaks During the Day. A study by the University of Connecticut found that four short relaxation sessions (e.g., 1.5 - 2 minutes) throughout the work…
March 30, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Use Doodle to Schedule Meetings

Trying to schedule a meeting with several people can be multi-step, frustrating project if you don't have access to all their calendars simultaneously. Thank goodness there is a solution… Casey's eTip: Use Doodle to Schedule Meetings. Doodle is a free online app that allows meeting invitees to indicate their availability…
March 23, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Slow Down and Read Carefully

Everyone is guilty of sometimes skimming emails, etc. For some, though, it's a habit. And it's costly in terms of time and relationship capital because of the irritation others feel when you respond inaccurately or only partially. The solution… Breathe in and out slowly before you read. Notice your inner…
March 16, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Stay True to Yourself and Your Values

Every day we encounter opportunities to stay within the lanes of our moral boundaries or leave them. To produce a life that you want… “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” wrote George Bernard Shaw. When you maintain the ethics…
March 9, 2022