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Casey’s eTip: Decide First Things First

This idea is from ADHD expert Susan Lasky and it applies to all humans. When we make major decisions, such as whether to find a new job, open a new line of business, etc., it's easy to complicate the process by considering details prematurely. Instead… Casey's eTip: Decide First Things…
May 23, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Keep People Informed

The volume and velocity of work and our focus on completion can make us forget to update people on progress and especially the lack thereof. These people include coworkers, clients, direct-reports and even family and friends. Instead… Casey's eTip: Keep People Informed Everyone wants results, yes, but more than that…
May 16, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Find Your Energy Sweet Spot

The Yerkes-Dodson Law holds that there is an optimal level of energy or excitement that produces high performance. You, too, can… Casey's eTip: Find Your Energy Sweet Spot It's so obvious you might miss the implication that you can leverage this law: Too little energy and your performance suffers. Too…
May 2, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Focus on Your Essential 20 Percent

There is not enough time to everything you want to do. There is not even enough time to do everything your company wants you to do. Fortunately, some of your efforts yield more of an effect than others… Focus on Your Essential 20 Percent The Pareto Principle (aka the 80/20…
April 25, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Delegate Responsibilities, Not Tasks

If you have people reporting to you, you may find that you spend a good deal of time thinking of things for them to do and making sure they're done. If you're working harder than your direct-reports, it's time to… Casey's eTip: Delegate Responsibilities, Not Tasks What does that mean?…
April 17, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Ensure Your Decisions Become Actions

"Unless a decision has degenerated into work, it is not a decision; it Is at best a good intention." These are the immortal words of Peter Drucker and he is correct. You too can… Casey's eTip: Ensure Your Decisions Become Actions How to do it? Drucker encourages you to consider…
April 11, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Feel the Guilt–It’s the Price of Freedom

In the quest to live our lives aligned with our values, needs and purpose, other people--people we care about--will sometimes feel frustrated, annoyed, disappointed or sad about our decisions. It's true. For some, the need to prevent others from having those emotions derails them from their lives of purpose. If…
April 4, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Use Smart Apps to Plan Your Work

One of the fundamental principles of productivity is to connect tasks (your to-do-list intentions) with time (your calendar). In other words--schedule appointments with your activities, not just with other people. This planning can get complicated, though, and can sometimes feel like you're playing Tetris with your calendar. Now there's automated…
March 28, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Use Kanban to Visualize Your Work

When people think of to-do's, they often imagine a list of items they can check or unflag when done. But that's a bit binary and doesn't convey much context. If it feels too confining, here's another way to clarify your commitments… Casey's eTip: Use Kanban to Visualize Your Work Kanban…
March 21, 2023