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Casey’s eTip: Play Devil’s Advocate Before Deciding

It is easier to justify a decision based on a fixed view of an issue rather than grapple with the discomfort and uncertainty of exploring all sides of the matter before arriving at a decision. It helps to... Play Devil's Advocate Before Deciding. Practice arguing other sides of the issue.…
September 8, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Give Information in Threes

Giving feedback, whether in a formal employee review or during a family meeting, can be a challenge. Keep it simple, use neutral language and... give information in threes. Limit yourself to just a few items so that they are memorable and prioritized. According to Build.com, Cristobal Conde of FinTech Innovation…
September 1, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Review Your Commitments Consistently

It's impossible to effectively prioritize, plan, delegate and set expectations with others if you don't have clarity about your commitments. To get clear... review your commitments consistently. David Allen recommends that we conduct a weekly review of all unclosed loops. I've found that two weeks is enough for many. For everyone,…
August 11, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Let Go Sooner Rather than Later

It is difficult to admit that a relationship is not fruitful, especially after the investment of hiring someone or being a friend. Yet the most common mistake I've seen leaders make is holding on, so... let go sooner rather than later. When someone is not a fit, it's not just…
July 28, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Care Enough to Speak Up

Most people dislike conflict and fear that standing up for their needs could damage a relationship. But staying silent while simmering or hurting inside not only damages the relationship with the other person but with yourself. Instead... care enough to speak up. Confrontation comes from the Latin for "putting foreheads together."…
July 21, 2021

Casey’s eTip: Build New Habits by Embracing Weaknesses

Changing habits is difficult for anyone. It means making the unconscious very conscious and uncomfortable for a while. One strategy that helps is to build new habits by embracing weaknesses. People who think "I got this" are more prone to slip into old behaviors than those who have a fact-based…
July 7, 2021