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Casey’s eTip: Ask for Teamwork, Not “Help”

Casey's eTip: Ask for Teamwork Not "Help"

As a leader in your home or office, it’s easy to fall into the trap of asking others for “help” to get work done. What’s the trap? The false underlying belief there that it is truly all your responsibility and others are doing you a favor. It can seem wrong to ask for too many favors. In extreme cases, you may unconsciously hoard work to protect others while you burn out. Instead…

Casey’s eTip: Ask for Teamwork, Not “Help”

Yes, the buck stops with you as a leader but your team and fellow family members are not bit players in a movie starring you. Everyone has an important role at work and home. They are all, too, responsible for working together to make things happen. When you make that mental shift, you begin to expect participation and initiative and that allows others to step up and own their responsibilities too. They become more engaged and committed as a result.
(This eTip brought to you by the Delegation link in your Productivity Chain.)