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Casey’s eTip: Breathe While Checking Inboxes

They’ve finally done a (not very) scientific study of a phenomena I’ve been observing in my clients for years. Here’s what I tell them (and now you!)…
Casey’s eTip: Breathe While Checking Inboxes
A former IT executive has coined the term “screen apnea” to describe the common phenomena of holding one’s breath while scrolling through an inbox. She focused on email inboxes, but it happens in whatever channel work (and stressful news) arrives… Teams, Slack, texts, etc.
To counteract this breath-holding, practice awareness. Set a timer to check in with yourself and ask “How am I breathing?” Such check-ins help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the effects of stress. It also enables you to assess whether you’re making the most productive use of your time.

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