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Casey’s eTip: Build Productive Habits with Micro-Steps

Casey's eTip: Build Productive Habits with Micro-Steps

About habits…Most humans spend most of their time in habit mode. It’s how our amazing brains save energy. Changing behavior takes hard mental lifting and demands more energy. Naturally, our brains resist. They like homeostasis. Still, you can build new, more productive habits. Start today with ONE small action. This week’s Casey’s eTip: Build Productive Habits with Micro-Steps.

Taking tiny actions makes the barrier to change so minimal that you will encounter no internal resistance. If you want to start exercising, for example, begin with 10 sit-ups (and no more!) once a day for a week. Or one walk around the block. With a little success, confidence grows and you can increase the amount or effort level slowly or add a new activity. The same applies at work. Start with 5 minutes of reviewing your to-do list, even if you don’t finish it. Eventually you’ll work your way up to be one of the people who actually prioritize their activities.