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Casey’s eTip: Decide First Things First

This idea is from ADHD expert Susan Lasky and it applies to all humans. When we make major decisions, such as whether to find a new job, open a new line of business, etc., it’s easy to complicate the process by considering details prematurely. Instead…

Casey’s eTip: Decide First Things First

It’s a matter of sequencing: make primary decision before getting into secondary considerations. For example, deciding whether to buy a vehicle is a primary decision affected by the state of your current transportation, your needs, your finances, your environment (e.g., public transit system), etc. What kind of vehicle (e.g., new/used, car/SUV/truck, traditional/electric/hybrid), its make and features, etc., are secondary decisions. They don’t matter if you decide not to buy a vehicle.
Similarly, deciding whether to fire an employee is a primary decision. Finding a replacement or reconsidering the position entirely are secondary considerations. Mixing up primary and secondary decision-making makes the process more confusing and difficult. So keep it simple.

This eTip brought to you by the Decision-making link in your Productivity Chain.