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Casey’s eTip: Feel the Guilt–It’s the Price of Freedom

In the quest to live our lives aligned with our values, needs and purpose, other people–people we care about–will sometimes feel frustrated, annoyed, disappointed or sad about our decisions. It’s true. For some, the need to prevent others from having those emotions derails them from their lives of purpose. If you’re in that camp, I encourage you to…
Casey’s eTip: Feel the Guilt–It’s the Price of Freedom
Guilt is a powerful emotion that arises when we do something wrong. But living a life true to our purpose is not wrong. The “guilt” that some people spend their lives avoiding is actually fear–fear of others’ responses. In reality, it is impossible to please everyone (including ourselves) all the time anyway. So what can you do? Feel the guilt (fear). Let it flow through you. Notice where it manifests in your body. Breathe it in and breathe it out. It will not kill you. It will pass–faster than you think. Over time, as you make more decisions out of choice rather than fear, you will find that the “guilt” plagues you less often and passes ever more quickly. You will feel free.
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