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Casey’s eTip: Find Your Energy Sweet Spot

The Yerkes-Dodson Law holds that there is an optimal level of energy or excitement that produces high performance. You, too, can…
Casey’s eTip: Find Your Energy Sweet Spot
It’s so obvious you might miss the implication that you can leverage this law: Too little energy and your performance suffers. Too much energy (i.e., agitation) and your performance suffers. An energetic sweet spot balances physical energy (which arises from sleep, nutrition and exercise) with emotional energy (which arises from how you perceive and manage stressors). To find your sweet spot, observe yourself and take notes for a week or two. You might also practice mindfulness, checking in with yourself for a minute or two multiples times throughout the day to gather data. With your facts in hand, you can make small changes to regulate your energy over each day and week.

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