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Casey’s eTip: Keep People Informed

The volume and velocity of work and our focus on completion can make us forget to update people on progress and especially the lack thereof. These people include coworkers, clients, direct-reports and even family and friends. Instead…

Casey’s eTip: Keep People Informed

Everyone wants results, yes, but more than that they want reassurance that the task or project is still on your radar and not forgotten. Here are two simple, fast ways to keep them in the loop:
*Copying or forwarding emails (though that can sometimes be problematic if you prefer they don’t insert themselves into the process).
*Sending an email or leaving a voicemail that says, essentially, I’m monitoring (or acting on) this and will continue to keep you informed.
These small communications can usually (not always!) prevent people from flooding your inboxes with requests for updates. They keep you in control rather than reacting to others’ pressure.

This eTip brought to you by the Communication/Relationships link in your Productivity Chain.