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Casey’s eTip: Keep Your Alarms Alarming!

Casey's eTip: Keep Your Alarms Alarming!

Do your pop-up appointment (and other) reminders interrupt you constantly? Do you “snooze” your hundreds of alerts without a glance? If so, your alarms no longer alarm you. You can make them useful again, though. The secret is selectivity: the fewer the reminders, the more effective each is. This week’s Casey’s eTip: Keep Your Alarms Alarming!

Here are simple ways to create safety so that key tasks don’t slip through the cracks:
  • Turn off your email alerts. You will never forget to check your inbox so why allow yourself to be pulled out of focus every few minutes?
  • Set deadlines or follow-up reminders only when you have hard deadlines, not wishful ones.
  • Consult your calendar and to-do list frequenty. That way, YOU control when you get reminded, rather than some artitrary noise that distracts you.
  • Clear the reminders that do pop up as soon as do the task is done or the meeting occurs. That way you only see what you need to see.
(This eTip brought to you by the Task/Project Management link in your Productivity Chain.)