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Casey’s eTip: Learn How Your Brain Works

We live with our brain our whole lives but we probably never received an instruction manual about how it works when we were children. Fortunately, it’s not too late to…
Casey’s eTip: Learn How Your Brain Works
When you understand the neuroscience of how your brain functions, you increase your productivity. You can learn more effectively, develop new habits more efficiently and spare yourself a great deal of suffering and misunderstanding. They’re not a panacea, but information and awareness really help. Here are some resources to start or enrich your journey:

    Huberman Lab podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman
    Translating ADHD podcast by Cameron Gott & Asher Collins
    The Upside of Stress by Dr. Kelly McGonigal
    Rewire Your Brain for Love by Dr. Marsha Lucas
    various books by Dr. Robert Sapolsky

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