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Casey’s eTip: Leverage the Rhythm of Attention

Our ability to direct our own attention influences both our productivity and our quality of life. We are more productive when we focus on what matters. We are happier when we focus on gratitude. These are just a couple examples. Still, it’s important to realize that our attention naturally wanders. This awareness enables us to…
Casey’s eTip: Leverage the Rhythm of Attention
The rhythm of attention is like a pendulum–it swings then returns to center. When we believe that our attention “should” be concentrated and unwavering, we set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. When we embrace the fact that we will naturally focus then drift (to our own thoughts, the environment, etc.), we can leverage that movement to return to our desired object of focus more quickly and with less effort or mental chatter. We thus increase our attention efficiency by flowing with our rhythm, rather than fighting it.

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