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Casey’s eTip: Practice Kaizen to Produce the Life You Want

Human beings are paradoxical: we are built for both continuous change and to maintain homeostasis. How can we successfully navigate this apparent contradiction? We can practice Kaizen: the art of making small, even unthreateningly tiny, changes that slowly add up to significant transformation, the way small raindrops ripple across a pond.

Casey’s eTip: Practice Kaizen to Produce the Life You Want

Experiential evidence and neurological research verify that Kaizen (Japanese for ‘good change’) is an effective way to manage change and build good habits. It means making micro changes. Instead of jumpstarting your physical fitness by suddenly walking 5 miles a day, for example, begin with walking for 5 minutes each day for a week or two. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly, increase the duration or intensity. It works with any area of life, e.g., leadership, mental health, and time management. For example:
*Watch one TED talk about leadership each week
*List one new/different thing you are grateful for every day
*Block time for significant activities
What tiny step can you take today that, practiced one day at a time for the next year, will help you produce the life you find most meaningful?

(This eTip brought to you by the Reinvention link in your Productivity Chain.)