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Casey’s eTip: Remember You Can Say No

Casey's eTip: Remember You Can Say No

I firmly believe that if people think they cannot say “no” to others, then they cannot freely say “yes” either. They lack free will. Unless you are enslaved or under threat, it’s helpful to follow this week’s Casey’s eTip: Remember You Can Say No.

Our mental health needs are not great but one core need is for a modicum of autonomy–the sense of power over our own lives. When we tell ourselves “I can’t say ‘no'” or “I have no choice”, we undermine our own sense of autonomy. What would be the worst consequence if you said (in so many words) “no” or “not now” or “how about this instead”? Could you live with it, as unpleasant or unwelcome as it might be? Good. Then saying “yes” can come from a place of power and choice, not coersion and victimization.
(This eTip brought to you by the Boundary-setting link in your Productivity Chain.)