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Casey’s eTip: See No as a Bridge, Not a Barrier

If we are to say “yes” to what matters most to us, we must say “no” to what does not. But saying “no” (or “not now” or “not that way”) can seem like a block to our relationships. It doesn’t have to…
Casey’s eTip: See No as a Bridge, Not a Barrier
Setting limits can actually connect us more closely with others. When someone makes a request that seems like too much, for example, kindly declining it deflates any feeling of pressure or resentment that may have been growing inside you. (That pressure or resentment is the real barrier.) Saying “no” melts the tension and enables you to once again feel in harmony. The other person may feel disappointed (or not!) and you may feel nervous about taking a risk to be vulnerable and authentic. It’s OK. You will both survive the encounter to live and thrive another day in relationship with each other. (Maybe more trusting than before.)

This eTip brought to you by the Boundary-setting link in your Productivity Chain.