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Casey’s eTip: Shift Your Thinking about Interruptions

Casey's eTip: Shift Your Thinking about Interruptions

It’s easy to think that interruptions are bad. They can take you off focus, take time from your present task and lead to errors if you are not careful. The real damage thiough can be to your sense of control over your environment. To counter all of these negatives follow this week’s Casey’s eTip: Shift Your Thinking about Interruptions.

Here are some alternate ways to view interruptions. Which, if any, might be useful for you?
  • You are paid to do all the work, and that includes the work that shows up unexpectedly and the work of maintaining positive relationships with your coworkers, etc. In other words, the interruptions ARE your work, not a disruption of it.
  • You have 95% of control over the damage interruptions do to your productivity and mood. You can mitigate the effects by expecting them (mindset) and relying on little written checklist of what you are doing, even replying to an email, so that you can immediately get back on track
  • You can view every interruption as a spiritual gift, providing you the opportunity to develop your sense of equanimity and perspective.

(This eTip brought to you by the Drive link in your Productivity Chain.)