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Casey’s eTip: Shop Less, Enjoy More

Casey's eTip: Shop Less Enjoy More

If you love gift-giving, you probably did your gift shopping much earlier in the year. If you don’t love it, now is your time to open negotiations with family members about expectations and needs. The goal might be to follow Casey’s eTip: Shop Less, Enjoy More.

You might consider the idea to focus more on experiences and meaning and less on objects that take up space, need to be maintained and could beome clutter. With that in mind, you might decide as a family or friend group to contribute to a charity, go on a free “adventure,” e.g., hiking or share an activity, e.g., game night. You can create new traditions based on shared memories rather than consumerism. Just a (cliched but still worthwhile) thought!
(This eTip brought to you by the Communication/Relationships link in your Productivity Chain.)