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Casey’s eTip: Stop and Listen to Your Needs

Self-care is an important component of sustainably high productivity. It begins when you…
Casey’s eTip: Stop and Listen to Your Needs
Effective self-care occurs through small acts in the present moment throughout each day. I invite you to pause now, tune in to your body and ask yourself “What do I need right now?” Maybe it’s…
* a drink of water
* to stand and stretch
* to visit the restroom
* to apologize for being short with a partner, or
* to give yourself some reassurance (“You can do this; you’ve done it before…”).
This micro-break may even make you aware that you could switch to a more important task.
Though this needs check-in takes seconds, the minor adjustments it affords you will help you maintain your energy and composure and effectiveness throughout the day.

This eTip brought to you by the Health link in your Productivity Chain.