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Casey’s eTip: Supercharge Your Accountability through Body-Doubling

One way to prioritize tasks and create accountability for them is to commit to another person to complete them by a certain deadline. Such promises help but can still lead to last-minute fire drills. Here’s a way to ensure you make time to do a task well before it’s due…

Casey’s eTip: Supercharge Your Accountability through Body-Doubling

Body-Doubling is a well-established technique for ensuring that work happens at a certain time. A body double is someone who works beside you either in person or through video. Their presence serves an anchor to help you remain on task. The difference between a body double and just random coworkers who are within eyeshot is that your body double partner knows that you are working on a particular task and wishes you well with it. It’s especially helpful for those who have ADHD or who work in isolation, but can benefit anyone. For example, I meet weekly by Zoom with a dear friend. We do a quick check in and then focus on our toughest tasks. Another option is FocusMate.com*, a free (or very inexpensive) site that allows you to schedule body-doubling sessions with other users from all over the US and the world.

*I have no affiliation with FocusMate other than having tried it myself and knowing people who love it.

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