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Casey’s eTip: Think Begin Rather than Finish

After working with clients for over 20 years, I have observed that to-do items such as “finish report” and “send email” are often doomed to be ignored until the 11th hour, even when they appear as the subject line on a scheduled block of time. Clients have shown me that it’s better to…
<h3>Casey’s eTip: Think Begin Rather than Finish</h3>
The way you name your to-do’s matters. Draft sounds easier, less threatening, than Write. Scan is more inviting than Review. And Start is easier to engage with than Finish. Finish and Send often strike subconscious resistance because of the underlying complexity–there’s usually more to do before it’s finished and/or it needs to be started before it can be sent. Taking a little to be thoughtful about your verbs can actually help you get things done faster.

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