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Casey’s eTip: Treat Others Tenderly

Casey's eTip: Treat Others Tenderly

In centuries past in the Western World, people wore black for up to a year after someone close died. While widow’s weeds and armbands could at times be restrictive, they played a social function: they alerted others to the loss so they could be extra gentle. All around you are people who are going through a lot with no clothing to show it, so follow Casey’s eTip: Treat Others Tenderly.

Who knows what adversities your coworkers, supervisor or clients face. They may be in the midst of grief, enduring chronic physical pain or illness, or caring for family members with chronic conditions or disabilities. We can never go wrong when we extend grace to those in our sphere. As Rumi or Ram Dass (or someone else!) wrote, “We are all just walking each other home.”
(This eTip brought to you by the Communication/Relationships link in your Productivity Chain.)