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Casey’s eTip: Turn Organizing into a Game

Organizing your office (or any space) can seem daunting. Where to begin? How long will it take? Is there ever an end? To ease the process…
Casey’s eTip: Turn Organizing into a Game
Games are fun because there’s an element of challenge and a time limit to ratchet up the pressure. So set a timer for 10 minutes. See if you can find 10 things (papers, whole files, knick knacks, dried-up pens, etc.) that you can toss. If that’s too easy, go for 20 things. Don’t pause. Don’t over-think. Be a whirlwind of activity and then stop. Congratulate yourself for winning and move on with your day. (Don’t bait-and-switch yourself by turning it into a longer session!) Next time, find 10 things to put away in their homes. Or 10 things to donate. Bit by bit, you will shift your stuff and it may even be fun.

This eTip brought to you by the Organization of Objects/Data link in your Productivity Chain.”