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Casey’s eTip: Use Smart Apps to Plan Your Work

One of the fundamental principles of productivity is to connect tasks (your to-do-list intentions) with time (your calendar). In other words–schedule appointments with your activities, not just with other people. This planning can get complicated, though, and can sometimes feel like you’re playing Tetris with your calendar. Now there’s automated help…
Casey’s eTip: Use Smart Apps to Plan Your Work
There are apps that can schedule your work activities for you. You type in your to-do: the specific task, its expected duration, when it’s due, etc. The apps take it from there, moving it to your calendar. Best of all, they automatically make adjustments when you change your schedule by adding a new appointment. Each app has its own flavor and features. Here are a few to consider:
*SkedPal (https://skedpal.com)
*TimeHere (https://www.timehero.com/)
*Motion (https://www.usemotion.com)
Note: I don’t have any affiliation with these apps or their makers and am not advising any purchase.