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Create Policies to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Casey’s eTip: Create Policies to Reduce Decision Fatigue

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Every day we're faced with hundreds of decisions that rely on our Prefrontal Cortex, the thinking part of our brain that requires more energy than our lower brain structures where habits reside. To give your brain a break... Create Policies to Reduce Decision Fatigue. Policies such as "I have a…
Focus on Friendships at Work

Casey’s eTip: Focus on Friendships at Work

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What's the most important factor in job satisfaction? Having a best friend in the workplace according to the Gallup-Healthways survey. So... Focus on friendships at work! If you want to enjoy your work more, get to know your coworkers outside of work, too. Open up at work so that your…

Casey’s eTip: Have Shorter, More Focused Meetings

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An hour-long meeting is expensive in terms of time and wages. An hour-long video meeting can be draining. Either way, hour-long meetings often leave attendees no time before their next meeting starts. Step outside the hour-long meeting default. Hold 15- and 30-minute meetings whenever possible. Start meetings at odd times,…
Find the Gift in Misplacing Things

Casey’s eTip: Find the Gift in Misplacing Things

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It is frustrating to waste time searching for a physical item or a digital one. Still, it's possible to... Find the Gift in Misplacing Things. Pay attention to the very first place you looked for the object or doc. When you find it, make that first location its new home.…
Say Yes to Your Personal Life First

Casey’s eTip: Say Yes to Your Personal Life First

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Many people think that they can enjoy their time off work only once the project is over or the pressure lessens. The opposite is true. You need to... Say Yes to Your Personal Life First. Work will expand to fill all the time you give it. So decide how much…
Limit Your Social Media Consumption.

Casey’s eTip: Limit Your Social Media Consumption

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Does social media use increase the risk of depression? Research indicates that it does. And the more time you spend on social media, the more the risk increases. Limit Your Social Media Consumption. Create a social media policy for yourself that will keep you connected and safe. How long is…
Casey's eTip: Play Devil's Advocate Before Deciding

Casey’s eTip: Play Devil’s Advocate Before Deciding

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It is easier to justify a decision based on a fixed view of an issue rather than grapple with the discomfort and uncertainty of exploring all sides of the matter before arriving at a decision. It helps to... Play Devil's Advocate Before Deciding. Practice arguing other sides of the issue.…
Casey's eTip: Give Information in Threes

Casey’s eTip: Give Information in Threes

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Giving feedback, whether in a formal employee review or during a family meeting, can be a challenge. Keep it simple, use neutral language and... give information in threes. Limit yourself to just a few items so that they are memorable and prioritized. According to, Cristobal Conde of FinTech Innovation…

Casey’s eTip: Let Your Phone Tell Callers You’re Driving

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Texting or talking while driving is dangerous and often illegal. But what if someone calls or texts you? Your smart phone has safety features that can automatically tell you're driving and will notify callers of that fact. To set it up... iPhone: Settings > Do Not Disturb > Do Not…

Casey’s eTip: Use Polite Doubt to Express a Minority View

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Peer pressure is a powerful force and it can keep us from speaking up and expressing seemingly unpopular views at work, in families, everywhere. How to break free? When one person shares a different view in a respectful way, especially in a way that conveys reticence or doubt, it gives…

Casey’s eTip: Review Your Commitments Consistently

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It's impossible to effectively prioritize, plan, delegate and set expectations with others if you don't have clarity about your commitments. To get clear... review your commitments consistently. David Allen recommends that we conduct a weekly review of all unclosed loops. I've found that two weeks is enough for many. For everyone,…

Casey’s eTip: Stay Heart Healthy by Working 45 Hours a Week Max

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Ever wonder the optimal number of hours a week our bodies like us to work? Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Centers and University of St. Thomas in Houston did. Their findings… stay heart healthy by working 45 hours a week max. An analysis of health data from…

Casey’s eTip: Let Go Sooner Rather than Later

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It is difficult to admit that a relationship is not fruitful, especially after the investment of hiring someone or being a friend. Yet the most common mistake I've seen leaders make is holding on, so... let go sooner rather than later. When someone is not a fit, it's not just…

Casey’s eTip: Care Enough to Speak Up

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Most people dislike conflict and fear that standing up for their needs could damage a relationship. But staying silent while simmering or hurting inside not only damages the relationship with the other person but with yourself. Instead... care enough to speak up. Confrontation comes from the Latin for "putting foreheads together."…

Casey’s eTip: Define Emergencies So You Can Relax Without Worry

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Research shows that being "on call" after work increases stress hormones and decreases sense of control. But how can you mentally turn off work? Explain to to your supervisor and direct reports that you will be available for emergencies (by phone call, not email or text) and define an emergency. Then…

Casey’s eTip: Build New Habits by Embracing Weaknesses

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Changing habits is difficult for anyone. It means making the unconscious very conscious and uncomfortable for a while. One strategy that helps is to build new habits by embracing weaknesses. People who think "I got this" are more prone to slip into old behaviors than those who have a fact-based…

Casey’s eTip: Free Your Mind with a Dashboard

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I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day. Here's a tip that can give you freedom. Can you imagine driving a car without knowing your speed or fuel availability at a glance? What if you couldn’t see danger alerts? You need the same kind of information at work so that…

Casey’s eTip: Clarify Your Goals to Make Better Decisions

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Emotions can drive us into a corner, leading to decisions that we may regret later. It's best to clarify your goals to make better decisions. Pause and look at the bigger picture of goals and vision when faced with a dilemma. For example, do you want a new company to…

Casey’s eTip: Commit to Tasks by Scheduling Them

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"I'll complete all my work by 4pm and have an hour left to do that important (but not urgent) task" said no one ever. To do such tasks commit to them by scheduling them. A to-do list is an important collection of action possibilities. But scheduling time on the calendar is…

Casey’s eTip: Ask Questions to Create New Solutions

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Creative problem solving begins with curiosity and some down time to explore and ask questions to create new solutions. Van Phillips, who invented the curved prosthesis that allows people with amputated legs to run, began with questions such as Why? (e.g., Why does this situation exist?) What if? (e.g., What…