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Casey’s eTip: Review and Update Your To-Do System

People ask me about the “best” way to manage to-do’s. The reality is that what’s “best” depends 100% on the person and their needs. Whatever method you use, though, it’s imperative to…
Casey’s eTip: Review and Update Your To-Do System
A habit of a consistent deep review of your to-do’s is the lynchpin of an effective to-do system. Skip it for a few weeks and you’ll stop trusting your lists or app. Your brain will take over the reminders, creating mental clutter and angst. A knowledge-worker is a project manager. Project managers review and update the status of all projects, sub-projects and tasks. Make the time for it, I urge. Spending an hour or two a week on this oversight will save you time and wasted activity in the long run.

Get a review checklist that you can customize here: https://tinyurl.com/WklyRev (adapted from Getting Things Done by David Allen)

This eTip brought to you by the Goal-setting/Prioritization and Task/Project Management links in your Productivity Chain.