Coaching Agreement

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Parties Involved
This agreement applies to Casey Moore of Living Simply Consulting, Inc. [hereafter referred to as “CM”] and you, the “Client.”

Sponsor Communication
If a third party [“Sponsor”], e.g., Client’s employer, pays for Client’s coaching, this Sponsor’s goals, needs and perspective must be considered in the Assessment, Action Plan and coaching. CM may report to Sponsor regarding Client’s progress, get feedback, and encourage Sponsor to support Client’s process within the limits of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

*Client is responsible for attending appointments on time without reminders. Client initiates all telephone appointments.

*Client is responsible for minimizing distractions during sessions. Appointments cannot occur while Client drives, eats, or has others in the room unless those others are a pre-agreed upon part of the coaching.

*Client is responsible for practicing new habits, being forthright and actively involved in the process, preparing for appointments with planned topics and co-designing action steps for him/herself.

*Casey is responsible for coaching and training the Client, staying true to Client’s goals, being objective and direct, and providing accountability support for Client’s new habits development.

Appointment Changes
*A “no show” occurs when Client fails to appear or contact CM by 10 minutes after the appointment start time.

*When canceling or rescheduling an appointment, Client must notify Casey at least 36 hours before a session (72 hours before a session scheduled to last two hours or more) to avoid late-change status.

*Client and CM each get one “free” last-minute change/cancellation for emergencies, illness, etc., per twelve month period.

*Late appointment changes or no-shows by Client will result in forfeit of that session from a pre-paid package or will be billed in full for pay-as-you-go arrangements. Note: Too much lost time may require re-assessment of goals/success measures.

*CM will make up 100% of the time with Client if she late-reschedules or late-cancels.

*Coaching Package appointments must occur within the specified number of months after the first coaching appointment unless a specific new agreement has been reached. New agreements are decided on a case-by-case basis.

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*Fees are due upon receipt of invoice and bank fees for insufficient funds must be paid by Client unless there is a Sponsor, in which case, the Sponsor pays all fees.
*A travel fee to meet at locations over 30 minutes from LSC headquarters is decided on case-by-case basis.

Coaching Documentation
*CM tracks coaching hours in a log that lists session dates and durations (no content data is included). In the rare case of an audit, this log may be sent by CM to credentialing bodies which maintain strict confidentiality standards.
*Sessions may be recorded for Casey to review alone or with a mentor coach or at client request. In such cases, the recordings are audio only and no last names or descriptive data is shared and strictest confidentiality is maintained. Clients may access recordings upon request. Each recording will be fully deleted within six months of session date.
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*When meeting on-site, Client should identify valuables and breakables and handle them without CM’s assistance.
*Most of LSC’s handouts are copyrighted and may be reprinted or distributed only with permission and credit.

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