Do you need to fit productivity training into smaller blocks of time? A series of one- to three-hour workshops will progressively improve your organization’s productivity with less impact on your office schedule.

Casey’s workshops will address the weakest links in each employee’s Productivity Chain, helping your individual team members make small behavioral changes that will generate big gains.

Additionally, the series format gives staff members the opportunity to put lessons into practice between each workshop, and Casey holds participants accountable for getting closer to their goals with each session.

What makes Casey’s workshops so effective?

  • Interactivity
    This isn’t a lecture; Casey invites participants to share their unique experiences and concerns.
  • Real life scenarios
    Key messages are brought to life with real world stories, examples and applications.
  • Humor and energy
    Working with Casey is fun. Team members look forward to workshops.
  • Customized approach
    Everyone has amazing potential. Casey targets the areas preventing them from achieving it.
  • Follow-up
    Depending on your needs and wishes, Casey will:

o Help participants set goals and hold them accountable for achieving them.

o   Involve supervisors in goal setting and follow-up

o   Create an on-going relationship for up to six months

o   Return to your organization for additional talks

Even the thickest chain is useless with a broken link. Don’t waste time trying random tools to “fix” your team’s approach to work and time. Casey offers targeted solutions to strengthen the Productivity Chain. Schedule a productivity workshop series for your business today. Call Casey Moore at 757-560-2872 or complete the online contact form.

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