Casey has an effective ability to give me room to explore challenging topics in 30-minute coaching sessions. The long-lasting results I receive from such a short time investment baffles me every time. I find the content and sequence of her questions and observations help me articulate how I feel, understand/construct my intentions, and have the courage to move forward. This together with her high integrity and authenticity make her a partner I recommend without reservation.

– Jan Wencel, Productivity Trainer, Chicago’s, LLP

“I’m on the CEO Round Table for my company, the top 25 guys. I’ve been top sales guy [nationally] three years in a row…Some of them don’t have a system…So they’re doing the same level of business that I’m doing but they don’t have a life…They do reach out and ask what’s working for you and how’s it working for you but it’s just a matter of letting that control go. That’s the biggest ‘ahh moment.’ You’ve just got to let go and let somebody help you…Thanks for life-changing me, Casey.”

– Victor Bakkar, Medical Sales Consultant, Virginia Beach

During the past four years, Goodman & Company has had the pleasure of including Casey Moore’s time management and productivity workshops in our internal CPE offerings and with great success.  Casey takes the time to truly understand our business and learning needs and always provides a robust, customized program filled with tips and tricks to improve productivity.  Our folks comment over and over how they love her positive energy and expertise.  Casey is a delight to work with, and I would highly recommend her training programs to anyone who wants to improve both personal and professional skill sets.

– Liz Alter, Learning & Development Coordinator, Goodman & Company, Richmond

Working with Casey has truly changed my life–personally and professionally–for the better.  She has helped me recognize strengths and talents that I always shelved as unattainable.  With Casey’s help, I have become the puppeteer rather than the puppet.  As a mother and career women, I’ve been able to use what she’s taught me to find a healthy balance between family and work. Casey is phenomenal, fantastic, and truly a champion!

– Michelle Butler, Bank Vice President, Portsmouth

“Got more out of this hour talking about goals with Casey than I have in years of setting them. I’m not just excited, I’m invigorated.”

– Shari, development specialist


“Casey was absolutely wonderful to work with. Very professional, and very personable. She knew the exact questions to ask to get me thinking and answering the questions I have been asking myself for so long. I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Michael, Executive Vice President of Regional Sales

“In just a short session, Casey helped me work through a new idea for my business. Her questions helped me figure out what about the idea was important to me and how to tamp down the perfectionistic tendencies that were getting in my way. Casey is an amazing listener!”

– Kate, Certified Professional Organizer

“You will forever be one of the greatest influences in my life. I’m so grateful!”

– D., Executive Assistant


“If it weren’t for everything I learned from you and the habits you helped me build, I would have drowned [during that difficult time]!”

– MD


“My biggest worries, prior to working with Casey was time management, organization skills, keeping focused and prioritizing the most important work functions to have a successful medical supply distributor sales territory. Working with Casey helped me with all aspects of my daily routine. My newly learned skills allowed me to significantly increase my sales which increased my income. My last year in sales was my most productive year.  I had more time to solve customer issues. Casey taught me that if you develop and work your plan you will achieve your goals.  Working with Casey as more than doubled my income and allowed me to have less daily stress.”

– Jim W., Sales Specialist


“I am grateful my company chose Casey to work with me. I am totally in control of what I’m doing. I’m driving the bus. And my team has done so well. Our division is number one in the company. The seeds Casey planted in me, I’ve planted in them.”

– Karen F., Regional Manager


Feedback on Casey Moore’s Book, Stop Organizing, Start Producing

The model Casey has designed to assist us in understanding productivity and effectiveness is both creative and accessible. It cuts through familiar territory with fresh intelligence and common sense. Everyone will be able to use her perspective and strategies to great advantage.”

– Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO®, CPO-CD®, author, Processing Modalities Guide

“Casey nails it! This book is loaded with clear, simple, practical ideas and real
life examples of how to go from ineffective and inefficient to productive and powerful. The Productivity Chain is THE roadmap to success and the next must-have assessment tool.”

– Patty Kreamer, CPO®, author, But I Might Need It Someday!

“I spend fewer hours at the office—yet get more work done—because I apply the concepts described in this book.”

– C. Arthur “Brother” Rutter III, attorney, Rutter Mills, LLP

“Well-written and organized… I really relate to the Productivity Chain. I was completely absorbed.”

– Peggy Jenkins, Project Manager, Austin