The Productivity Chain

How do others do it?

You’ve seen them — the executive who always has time to help a colleague, takes all her vacation days and still crushes goals. Here’s the untold secret of the business world – the most successful people are the ones with the deepest understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses.

They play to their strengths, and address the weaknesses. Constantly. The business world and life are ever changing, and staying comfortably on top of both requires regular assessment and course corrections. That’s where Casey Moore’s Productivity Chain model provides value to individuals and organizations.

Where to start?

Start with Casey’s innovative productivity model, the Productivity Chain, and discover your weak links, and how to  make improvements efficiently. Say goodbye to “get organized” schemes and finally get results.

What is The Productivity Chain?

Casey developed this proprietary model after years of working with clients and discovering that 12 distinct factors determine overall productivity. These factors are the “links” in Casey’s Productivity Chain, and like any chain, your overall performance is only as strong as your weakest link.

The Productivity Chain model and assessment identifies your strength and weaknesses and enables you to take laser-like actions that result in improvements. How productive are you? Take the assessment and find out.

Ready For Your Assessment?

Casey offers a comprehensive online assessment that is amazingly beneficial, even if you don’t read Casey’s Book. If you’re not ready to take the full assessment, you can try the free quiz.

Get Your Assessment

To learn more about the Productivity Chain, order Stop Organizing, Start Producing today. To quickly identify your own weak links and learn how to make them stronger, take the Productivity Chain Self-Assessment.