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Casey’s eTip: Get a Diagnostic Assessment

Does your life history, especially your childhood/school days, suggest that you have ADHD, dyslexia or developmental coordination disorder (DCD)? Do you believe that you are currently experiencing depression, anxiety or OCD? If you wonder, you might… Casey's eTip: Get a Diagnostic Assessment If you suspect that you have a brain-based…
September 19, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Respond Skillfully with Emotions

Timing matters when it comes to speaking up for ourselves about an injustice or boundary-crossing at work or elsewhere. Speak too soon and a tsunami of emotions can damage our relationships with others. Wait too long and the energy and urgency dissipate so we don't say what we need to…
September 12, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Own Your Emotions

Years of working with clients has shown me the surprisingly large impact of resentment and blame on people's performance. It's the not-so-silent productivity killer. Here's one way to stop the drain on your time and energy... Casey's eTip: Own Your Emotions Owning your emotions begins with understanding them. When we…
September 5, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Connect Face-to-Face, Especially in the Beginning

In the age of automation and digital communication, face-to-face meetings still matter. Even one encounter where both parties can see each other as human eases future digital exchanges, as old research* shows. Casey's eTip: Connect Face-to-Face, Especially in the Beginning Observing how people move, carry themselves and make eye contact…
August 29, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Engage Fully to Function Optimally

"This is the real secret of life--to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play." These are the words of writer/philosopher Alan Watts, urging you to... Casey's eTip: Engage Fully to Be Function Optimally When…
August 22, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Empower Yourself to Handle Power Outages

Summer heat and AC overuse can result in storms that knock out your power. To stay productive, be prepared. Casey's eTip: Empower Yourself to Handle Power Outages This Wirecutter article offers a useful list of suggested tools that can keep your equipment safe and functioning. It also helps to create…
August 15, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Believe It and It Will Be True

Some research found that willpower was finite, wearing out by the end of the time. Later studies revealed that believing willpower runs out led to people giving up compared to those who thought willpower was unlimited, who endured. The moral? Casey's eTip: Believe It and It Will Be True Our…
August 8, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Consider Using a Digital Notepad

Do you like taking handwritten notes but need the information in the notes to be digitized and accessible to others? Then… Casey's eTip: Consider Using a Digital Notepad These handy devices are like high-tech etch-a-sketches: They are slim, light and highly portable. You save what you've written to the cloud.…
July 25, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Take Time Off and Reap Rewards

Some people dread returning from vacation so much that they don't take time off. But it's worth it (and not only because a study of 13,000 heart patients slashed their risk of death from heart disease by 29% and from any cause by 17%)… Casey's eTip: Take Time Off and…
July 18, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Think Begin Rather than Finish

After working with clients for over 20 years, I have observed that to-do items such as "finish report" and "send email" are often doomed to be ignored until the 11th hour, even when they appear as the subject line on a scheduled block of time. Clients have shown me that…
July 12, 2023