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Casey’s eTip: Be Careful with Your Email Copying

Copying people on emails can be a power move and it can backfire. Be cautious about it... If you regularly copy people at a higher level to leverage responses, you look weak and discourteous. Take that action very sparingly. Always consider how your recipient (and the people you copy) will…
July 24, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Breathe Fresh Air, Even Indoors

Breathing is an underrated productivity resource. Inhaling clean, oxygenated air fuels your brain and calms your mind. Consider getting a small air purifier to clean your air of the many allergens and pollutants that get trapped in office carpets and furniture. You can get a small desktop model for under…
July 17, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Free Your Mind from Worries

Lack of clarity about the status of projects and commitments is arguably people's greatest source of worry at work. Fortunately, it's one you can eliminate by conducting regularly weekly reviews of both. If you do yours before the holiday, you'll feel free and enjoy yourself with no mental clutter. If…
July 2, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Read the Small Print

If your vision is no longer 20/20 or the menu uses 8-point font, your phone can help! Embrace the Accessibility feature, even if you view yourself as fully able. Go to Settings and search for "Magnifier" (iPhone) or "Magnification" (Android). (This eTip brought to you by the Resources link in…
June 25, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Pick Goals that Challenge You

Easy-to-achieve goals bore people. Difficult-to-reach goals motivate us. Pick an area of life to challenge yourself: Make this quarter your best ever. Train to run a race. Learn a second language. You may find that you'll rise to the occasion and enjoy the triumph. (This eTip brought to you by…
June 5, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity

When you know the status of your projects and where all your loose ends are (even if you can't tie them all down yet), you can enjoy time off with family and friends with more peace and presence. So do your weekly review before you take off for the holiday…
May 20, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Tidy Up and Eat Less

Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people who worked in an organized setting ate healthier snacks compared to those who worked in cluttered surroundings (O Magazine, Dec. 2018).  Clear the clutter off your desk one folder or paper at a time. Decide what to do with each item, then…
May 15, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Step Away from Your Work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And it makes everyone less productive. As a recent Time article shows, micro-breaks from work improve mental outlook, which ultimately helps productivity. (This eTip brought to you by the Health link in your Productivity Chain.)
May 5, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Be a Great Team Player (Part 2)

Effective teams require trust among members. We build trust one commitment at a time. Take every commitment seriously, even if it's "just" for a team mate. If you can't get that data to your colleague as requested, for example, tell that person as far in advance as you possibly can…
April 30, 2019