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Casey’s eTip: Be a Great Team Player (Part 1)

Are you someone that people love to work with? It's easy to complain about others without realizing that we do some of things that we complain that they do. Be responsive. If you can't answer an email within 48 hours (maximum), send a reply saying you received the message and…
April 24, 2019

Casey’s eTip: Gain Time and Respect by Saying No

You may be reluctant ever to say "no" because other people will be disappointed. Your fear about their reaction can supercede attending to your own needs. But there's another way to think about "no"... Gain Time and Respect by Saying No You have the right to determine what commitments to…
November 2, 2018

Casey’s eTip: Reframe and Leverage Stress

There are two kinds of stress. Both can arise at work. One will kill you; the other makes you stronger. The difference between the two is the way you view them. Professor Kelly McGonigal of Stanford University makes a compelling case that shifting your mindset physically changes the way stress…
October 24, 2018

Casey’s eTip: Check Your List Daily

Your to-do list is only as good as the last time you checked it. Check Your List Daily David Allen explains: "As with any action reminder system, if you don't review and reassess the reminders of actions you might need to be taking, your mind will take back the job;…
October 14, 2018

Casey’s eTip: Another Reason to Get More Sleep

Sleep is the hidden hero of sustainable productivity. Long hours and even all-nighters can get you through temporarily (usually when you're young) but you can't rely on them long term. And their costs increase with every year of your life. Sufficient sleep, on the other hand, boosts your effectiveness tremendously.…
September 4, 2015

Casey’s eTip: Get Started When You’re Stuck

Alan Brown, the ADD Crusher, suggests you ask yourself the following when you find yourself stuck at the beginning of a project… * Are insights more likely to come from “outside” the process or once I’m “in it”? * Do other people REALLY know how a complex task gets done…
September 1, 2015

Casey’s eTip: Create More Interruption-Free Zones

If your CONSTANT availability to others' questions, comments and requests impairs your productivity, here are a few ways you might protect your time: Change your work hours...come in early before others arrive or stay late after others go home. Or change your location on occasion...work in a meeting room, coffee…
August 26, 2015

Casey’s eTip: Reframe Certain Interruptions

How you look at an event determines your response. If you're relaxed and welcoming, you feel more in control… As Dr. George Pickett said, “What you call ‘interruptions’ is my work.” Instead of seeing emails, calls and drop-by's as interruptions, view them as welcome opportunities to problem-solve and be of…
August 19, 2015

Casey’s eTip: Channel Negative Energy into Positive Action

"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues," Duke Ellington once famously said. Take a lesson from his playbook today. Casey's eTip: Channel Negative Energy into Positive Action You can "fight" negativity inside yourself or leaking out of other people, but that battle takes time and…
April 9, 2014

Casey’s eTip: Strike a Power Pose to Boost Your Confidence

Research has shown that certain physical postures generate confidence and improve performance. The "power pose" increases testosterone and decreases cortisol (a stress hormone) and its effects continue for ten minutes afterwards. Casey's eTip: Strike a Power Pose to Boost Your Confidence Before answering your next call or attending your next…
April 3, 2014