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Casey’s eTip: Do 90-90-1 to Achieve Your Goals

Here's a way to start the year off right by doing your most important work… Casey's eTip: Do 90-90-1 to Achieve Your Goals Robin Sharma explains 90-90-1 this way: "For the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your work day to the one best opportunity in your…
January 3, 2023

Casey’s eTip: Reflect on the Year Gone By

It's so easy to continually move forward, always onto the next thing. Yet research shows that reflection on past experiences and growth increases our satisfaction and promotes insight and learning. Frankly, it gives us perspective and the sense of having a life, rather than a series of moments. This week's…
December 28, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Ask for Teamwork, Not “Help”

As a leader in your home or office, it's easy to fall into the trap of asking others for "help" to get work done. What's the trap? The false underlying belief there that it is truly all your responsibility and others are doing you a favor. It can seem wrong…
December 21, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Cultivate a Sense of Abundant Time

Feel that you don't have enough time? You can try to rush to cram it all in or cut obligations. It can help, but your mindset may need to change, too. Casey's eTip: Cultivate a Sense of Abundant Time The sense of "enough" is a mental construct. You can create…
December 14, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Shop Less, Enjoy More

If you love gift-giving, you probably did your gift shopping much earlier in the year. If you don't love it, now is your time to open negotiations with family members about expectations and needs. The goal might be to follow Casey's eTip: Shop Less, Enjoy More. You might consider the…
December 7, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Cut the Copying in Email

Copying others on emails can get out of control. Some people copy supervisors and others on almost every message and it is usually not helpful for anyone. This week's Casey's eTip: Cut the Copying in Email. If your direct-reports copy you unnecessarily on emails, it might serve you and them…
November 30, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Stay Current in Your Field Part 2

Staying aware of current events, changes in your field (and your clients' industries) is key to staying viable in your career. Casey's eTip: Stay Current in Your Field Part 2 Last week I shared different sources of information so you can stay current. Here are some strategies to make it…
November 16, 2022

Casey’s eTip: Stay Current in Your Field Part 1

Reading about developments in your field may seem like your lowest priority, but is it? In the 1960's, Peter Drucker coined the term "knowledge worker" to distinguish people who worked primarily with their brains from those whose labor was more manual. If you are a knowledge worker, it makes sense to…
November 9, 2022