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Casey’s eTip: Respond Skillfully with Emotions

Timing matters when it comes to speaking up for ourselves about an injustice or boundary-crossing at work or elsewhere. Speak too soon and a tsunami of emotions can damage our relationships with others. Wait too long and the energy and urgency dissipate so we don’t say what we need to say. Instead, we must find the middle ground to…

Casey’s eTip: Respond Skillfully with Emotions

Meditation teacher Matthew Hepburn has an approach that I love: First, be with your emotions, noting how they feel in your body without fueling them with more thinking. Next, notice that eventually your mind opens to the possibility that there are other ways to view the situation. You don’t have to deny your perspective; just allow that it’s not the only one. Now you’re ready to talk–to own your reality while able to listen to and respect someone else’s. The ensuing conversation may bring you and the other person closer together than ever before.

Source: The Ten Percent Happier app’s Work Life Challenge course

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