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Casey’s eTip: Use New Habits to Support (Not “Fix”) Yourself

Whether you embrace it or avoid it, changing your thoughts and behaviors is difficult. The first obstacle is biology: our bodies seek to conserve energy and maintain homeostasis. Change requires lots of energy and upsets the status quo. The second obstacle is mental and spiritual: our healthy inner selves rebel against shame and eradication. That’s why it’s important to…

Casey’s eTip: Use New Habits to Support (Not “Fix”) Yourself

It begins with an honest appraisal of your motivation. Are you working with both your strengths and weaknesses to find how best to achieve your goals or live your values? Are you empowering yourself? Or do think you’re broken in some way that you need to repair? Maybe you believe you “should” be more like certain other people (or at least how they seem from the outside). The simple fact is that efforts to fix yourself will be met with extra inner resistance. Self-acceptance and self-care, on the other hand, are a much more effective starting mindset if you want to make lasting change.

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