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Casey’s eTip: Presume the Best in Others

This eTip stems from my experience this past week, making avoidable mistakes and encountering others doing the same. I’m reminded that it’s useful to…
Casey’s eTip: Presume the Best in Others
It’s easy to take one data point from someone, especially someone new, and form an opinion of that person, e.g., she is careless or he is brusque. The reality might be that you are catching them at a bad moment (or day). It helps to keep an open mind and look for more data points, taking care to avoid the temptation to notice only those that confirm your opinion and instead actively look for behaviors, words and impressions that contradict it. When you do, you and the other person can work together more smoothly.

This eTip brought to you by the Drive and Communication/Relationships links in your Productivity Chain.