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Casey’s eTip: Prioritize Your Project List

This idea is for people who feel pulled in all directions. Make a list of your top 20 projects (professional and personal combined). These are the significant initiatives that you want to accomplish. They matter most to you and make take weeks, months and/or years to achieve. Once you have this list…

Casey’s eTip: Prioritize Your Project List

Every week (or more often), look at your list and ask yourself for each item on it–what am I doing today to nudge this forward? It could be a meeting already scheduled, an email you need to write, a phone call you’re waiting to hear back on, a document you need to create or review, etc. You’ll get other work done for sure, but constantly consulting this curated project list will ensure your most important activities take priority. You drive them forward. The key–you cannot put a new project on the list unless you complete or delete an item already on it.

Brought to you by the Goal-setting/Prioritization and Task/Project Management links in your Productivity Chain.